About Us

Appsintegra designs, builds and provides solutions for Clouds, business applications and core infrastructure including systems and storage, datacenters and enterprise wide communication and networking. Our in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise and flexible delivery models help customers harness the best out of their IT investments by creating a reliable and scalable infrastructure. Our technical services has a comprehensive portfolio of implementation, support and consulting services solutions with exceptional people supporting business technology in action – talented professionals who bring technical insight, process excellence and resource flexibility to help customers in various verticals. Our service portfolio, as expected from an organization with our years of experience, is one that covers practically all areas relating to the needs of an enterprise


“To become the most admired and trusted Software Defined Solutions provider for our Customers, Partners and Employees.”


"To be a technology partner, providing world-class technology that can assist our customers build a Global, Software Defined, Secure and Scalable Enterprise IT Environment."

Our Story

Founded in 2010 by a team of technology innovators to become a trusted solution partner, our experts provides Software-Defined solutions and Professional services for Mid-Market, Enterprise customers and our partners.

Apps Integra acquired by MAB Group in 2015, with a vision to evolve as a Global Solution Provider. Apps Integra mainly focuses on designing, building and delivering Software-Defined Solutions in Cloud, Security, Big Data, Software, Core Infrastructure including Hyper-Converged and Traditional Datacenters for Enterprise and Mid-Market Customers enabling worldwide reach for the Customers.

Our in-depth Industry Knowledge, Technical Expertise and Flexible Delivery models help customers harness the best out of their IT investments by creating a Reliable, Scalable and Manageable Infrastructure.

What we do

We are a leading ICT Consultants providing Software Defined Solutions and consultation services primarily in Cloud and Hyper-Converged infrastructure. Our experts help organizations migrate or implement converged, Hyper converged and web scale architecture model to meet them competitive advantages as well as global IT standards, with our selected range of solutions. This approach helps businesses to reduce TCO while maintaining top IT services to enhance their business.

Due to the fast growth of Data and need for scalable solutions to meet the demanding and dynamic infrastructure requirements, organizations need to change their IT environment to a dynamic workspace which can be achieved though the latest globally accepted software defined solutions. Our experts can engage and create a model right from the requirement analysis to design, Implementation and Deploying of the Solution.


Cloud Services & Solutions

The IT industry is moving through a Cloud Era in which every Organization is investing on Cloud resources because they have understood the advantages of cloud such as Fast Scalability and reduced time and cost of deployment. Nowadays Cloud computing is no longer considered as a cutting-edge technology but is now a common part of IT and developer operations.

Out vast knowledge in Cloud Solutions like Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud, RackSpace Managed Cloud, Redhat OpenStack, Mirantis OpenStack, Open Source OpenStack and CloudStack enables us to provide the best solutions Customers are looking for in the Cloud. We with our experienced skill set team enables Customer to build their Public, Private or Hybrid Environment.

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Software Defined Data-Center

The data center architecture is evolving rapidly. Simplicity and agility are the major importance keywords for Software Defined Data Center, with availability remaining on the paramount.Our expertise in Emerging technologies such as software-defined networking (SDN), Software Defined Storage (SDS), Ethernet fabrics etc allow us to build the world class Software Defined Data Centers to enable the Customers to handle there fast growing Infrastructure needs.

Advantage of Software Defined Data Center:

  • Faster provisioning of workloads
  • Improved security
  • Enhanced management
  • Reduced expenditures on networking hardware/software
  • Reduced operational expenditures
  • Reduced vendor lock-in

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Big Data and Analytics

With the Evolution of technology, the amount of data produced also increased drastically. As we know terabytes of data’s are produced every hour now leading to petabytes and Exabyte of data. All this data are useless if they are not processed in proper way. We at Appsintegra with our vast knowledge and expertise in Big Data and Analytics can leverage the productivity and efficiency of the customer to achieve the perfect solutions. Our main expertise in big data revolves around two technology ie Hadoop and IOT.

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Datacenter Automation and Orchestration

To address the fast growth in data and to ensure business intelligence& continuity, enterprises are facing challenges to manage the flooded data center with human intervention. Automation help enterprises to meet this and help them address complex management of Data center by letting machines interact and complete tasks without much human intervention.

By offering world class technology solutions in Data Center automation we address & enable customers to automate and orchestrate their complete Data Center environment. Our experts in Server and Network automation can help customers to meet their application, patching and compliance requirements by automation & orchestration while lowering costs and improve efficiency. We help you automate routine events and manual tasks and reduce downtime with policy driven management.

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Next Generation IT architecture Consulting

With the current rate of technological growth, yesterday’s IT technology and its Infrastructure will become a legacy technology in no time, which will become a burden to the Customers. To tackle this issue it’s important to adopt a practice in which the Latest technologies and latest IT practice are implemented in the IT strategy once in a while. Apps Integra with our expertise in Latest Technologies and New Generations It approaches will be able to guide the Customer to adopt and move towards the latest technologies.

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Managed Services and Out Sourcing

We offer Consulting Services specifically designed to understand the pain areas of mid-sized and large enterprises in order to help them adopt right technologies with clear IT road map that aligns to the business need and is scalable with the right investment. Our focus is to ensure that the benefits start accruing in shortest possible time and by keeping pace with the IT adoption rate and maturity.

Managed Services:

The model what we offer would help organizations to focus more on their actual business rather spending time and efforts on managing their internal IT environment. With fast growing technology and new generation IT architecture, it wouldn’t be easy and economically viable to have internal resources with various skillsets to manage the wide spectrum of services which are essential for seamless business operations. With highly skilled resources and 24x7 Helpdesk and NOC, we offer our customers a hassle-free IT services enablement to run their operations. We ensure onsite/remote support from Desktops to critical Data Center with different level of SLAs to meet the expectations and business needs of enterprises.

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Business Solutions & Transformations

We at AppsIntegra believe that those who can challenge the way they work today will lead the way tomorrow. We offer business transformation Solutions and Consulting Services specifically designed to understand the pain areas of mid-sized and large enterprises in order to help them adopt right technologies with clear IT road map that aligns to the business need and is scalable with the right investment.

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Enterprise Network & Security Solutions

Network security is becoming more challenging in the current changing environments. For the smooth and safe working of the environment we need to make sure that the environment is protected from possibly harmful traffic because the Information and applications that are communicated over an unsecure network will be under variety of attacks such as Trojan horses, spyware, self-propagating worms, phishing and the exploitation due to vendor-specific vulnerabilities. Such attacks and security issues can lead to Leaking of secured information, disturbing the smooth traffic flow and causing traffic bottlenecks which can result in entire environment crash.

To avoid such network issue its necessary to have an Enterprise Level Network Monitoring and Security Policies implemented. With in-depth monitoring and industrial standard security policies we will be able to achieve the Enterprise Grade Network Security. AppsIntegra with our expertise in the security analytic and Enterprise Security Solutions, will be able to provide preventative real-time protection needed to achieve a highly available, effective information delivery network, which is the communication backbone of any organization.

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