Big Data and Analytics

With the Evolution of technology, the amount of data produced also increased drastically. As we know terabytes of data’s are produced every hour now leading to petabytes and Exabyte of data. All this data are useless if they are not processed in proper way. We at Appsintegra with our vast knowledge and expertise in Big Data and Analytics can leverage the productivity and efficiency of the customer to achieve the perfect solutions. Our main expertise in big data revolves around two technology ie Hadoop and IOT.


Hadoop is one of the most commonly used Open-Sourced software used for the massive storage and processing of that data at a lower cost. Hadoop enables us to run data analysis and Analytical applications over a large of node allow us to get the job distributed and run fast.

Hadoop has its own file system ie Hadoop Distributed File System(HDFS) to enable the use if large amount of data and its distributed model allow us to scale up to a large compute power to empower the customer to achieve their needs. We with our expertise in NoSQL database like Mongo DB, will be able to enable operational capabilities for the real-time, interactive workloads where data is primarily captured and stored. Our team with the expert knowledge in Big Data and Data Analysis will be able to use the Hadoop Application framework to it extreme efficiency to provide a complete solution for the Customers use cases.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Internet of Thing is the network between the electronic devices. Physical Objects with embedded sensors and anything that connects to the internet enabling it to communicate each other regarding its different state or external environment for improved efficient, accuracy of the work. As the technology advances everything we use will connected to internet for ease of use and efficient working, we should be prepared to take advantage of these situations. AppsIntegra with our advanced knowledge in IT Infrastructure and technology, are able to guide our Customers to a complete solution using IOT.