Cloud Services & Solutions

The IT industry is moving through a Cloud Era in which every Organization is investing on Cloud resources because they have understood the advantages of cloud such as Fast Scalability and reduced time and cost of deployment. Now a days Cloud computing is no longer considered as a cutting-edge technology but is now a common part of IT and developer operations.

Out vast knowledge in Cloud Solutions like Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud, RackSpace Managed Cloud, Redhat OpenStack, Mirantis OpenStack, Open Source OpenStack and CloudStack enables us to provide the best solutions Customers are looking for in the Cloud. We with our experienced skill set team enables Customer to build their Public, Private or Hybrid Environment.

Why Cloud?

  • Easy to Use
  • Pay for what we use
  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Global Reach
  • Lower Capex
  • Secure

Private Cloud

Private cloud is the phrase used to describe a cloud-computing platform that is implemented within the corporate firewall, under the physical control of the IT department. We at Apps Integra empower the Private Cloud with our expertise in the wide range of OpenStack variants like Mirantis OpenStack, Redhat and Open source OpenStack. We also provide our expert expertise on Open Nebula and CloudStack on Customer request.

Public Cloud

A form of cloud computing in which a company relies on a third-party cloud service provider for services such as servers, data storage and applications, which are delivered to the company through the Internet. A public cloud can free companies from the potentially expensive costs of having to purchase, manage and maintain on-premises hardware and software infrastructure.Public clouds can also typically be deployed much faster and with more scalability and accessibility than on-premises infrastructure as a result of the public cloud provider’s expertise and existing infrastructure.We at Apps Integra with our vast domain expertise we enable the customers to adopt Public Cloud frames like Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure and RackSpace.

Hybrid Cloud

This type of infrastructure is the new trend in which the onsite Private cloud is extended to the Public Cloud for the scaling of the infrastructure. Customers adopt this mode of cloud infrastructure mainly to meet fast and agile scaling of the infrastructure. This allows customers to store the critical information in the private cloud and use the public cloud for the scalable compute power. It’s important to properly understand the concept of the hybrid cloud to take more advantage of this. Hybrid Cloud is not just connecting a Private infrastructure to a public cloud; there are many more thing to consider while building a hybrid cloud. We at Apps Integra with our vast expertise in Cloud Deployment will be able to guide the customer to build the perfect hybrid solution to meet there exact requirement.

Apps Integra with our expertise in Cloud Solution aims to guide the Customers to achieve world class Cloud Based Secure Infrastructure. Apps Integra along with its In-depth Industry Knowledge, Technical Expertise and Flexible Delivery models will analyze, design, build and deliver Software-Defined Solutions in Clouds.