Next Generation IT architecture Consulting

With the current rate of technological growth, yesterday’s IT technology and its Infrastructure will become a legacy technology in no time, which will become a burden to the Customers. To tackle this issue it’s important to adopt a practice in which the Latest technologies and latest IT practice are implemented in the IT strategy once in a while. Apps Integra with our expertise in Latest Technologies and New Generations It approaches will be able to guide the Customer to adopt and move towards the latest technologies.

Cloud Adoption and Strategies

The increasing demand in Compute, Network and Storage resource lead the customers to think for Cloud adoption, which is also meant to provide higher service levels, new IT-enabled capabilities, help accelerate application delivery, and do so while managing costs. There are many strategies for moving towards the cloud infrastructure such as private cloud or public cloud. Both the strategies have its own advantages, Apps Integra with our expertise in the cloud technologies assist the customers to plan and move towards the correct cloud implementations. This approach enables the customer to scale fast without any vendor dependency.

Data center Modernization

The need for the agile infrastructure delivery force us to accept, understand and implement the latest IT technologies and strategies. One of the main step towards Datacenter Modernization was virtualization, which by itself have marked the way to Software Defined Datacenters, and Hybrid Cloud enabled Datacenters. The latest trends such as Software Defined Networking, Software Defined Storage etc enable us to build a Software Defined Datacenters, which are not limited by the traditional block points like scalability and pricing. Apps Integra with it in-depth knowledge in New Generations Infrastructure and Cloud technology, will be able to guide the customer to right direction in Datacenter Modernization.