Software Defined Data-Center

The data center architecture is evolving rapidly. Simplicity and agility are the major importance keywords for Software Defined Data Center, with availability remaining on the paramount.Our expertise in Emerging technologies such as software-defined networking (SDN), Software Defined Storage (SDS), Ethernet fabricsetc allow us to build the world class Software Defined Data Centers to enable the Customers to handle there fast growing Infrastructure needs.

The major advantages for the Software Defined Data Centers are:

  • Faster provisioning of workloads
  • Improved security/li>
  • Enhanced management
  • Reduced expenditures on networking hardware/software
  • Reduced operational expenditures
  • Reduced vendor lock-in

Apps Integra with our expertise in New Generation Storage,Networking and Security assist client to achieve Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC) to enable an IT infrastructure wherein network, storage andcompute adapt to the needs of applications in an automated way. However, simply deploying and integrating software-defined components (SDS, SDN, SDC and SDF), along with other SDDC elements is not enough. Several technological factors weigh on the ability of an SDDC to deliver on the promise of the automated, adaptable infrastructure. Apps Integra with our In-depth knowledge in Infrastructure Management Industry and Updated Technological Expertise will assist Customers to leverage their current infrastructure to a Complete Software Defined Data Center.

Software Defined Network

The Legacy Networking is not able to keep up with the current massive growth in the Datacenter’s due to the Cloud adoption and extensive scaling. Data center networks must address an increasing business demands for faster, service-baseddelivery of IT.

The need for the Software Defined Networking is driven by real-time business requirements and the availability of moreagile options within and outside of traditional corporate IT. Software Defined Networking provides us an intelligent, programmable and centrally controlled network system, which can be scaled massively and flexible enough to adapt for need of the Customer.

SDN mainly focuses on virtualizing the hardware component, which is traditionally used to do the switching and routing in the network. This will not cut short the normal cabling task to an massively extend but will allow to cut short the no of physical traditional infrastructure likes switches and routers. In SDN environment, the routingand switching of the traffic is managed by SDNinstead of Software inside the switches and routers as in the traditional case.

With our expert knowledge in the Software Defined Networking, AppsIntegra will be able to guide the Customers in right direction for the Software Defined Networking Approach. Apps Integra enables Customers to build an easily Manageable, Scalable and secure network infrastructure, which can keep up with today’s network diversity and growing workload.

Software Defined Storage

Software Defined Storage is the part of the Software Defined Data Center, which enables the SDDC to manage the growing need for the storage. Software Defined Storage component actually stands as an layer between the physical storage appliance and application tier which uses the Storage for the processing. The Software Defined Storage Component of the Software Defined Data Center will be a single point for the management for feature options such as deduplication, replication, thin provisioning, snapshots and backup.

The SDS will be enabling the customer to scale the storage to the fit the growing workload with-out any vender lock. Adopting a SDS architecture in the Data Center will allow customer to avoid the MESS (Massively Expensive Storage System).

Our expertise in the SDS will allow Customers to move to a SDDC environment, which is not limited with the restriction of the traditional storage.

Hyper converged Infrastructure

Apps Integra’s core focus is on the Hyper-Converged and Converged Infrastructure solutions by collaborating with global players in this emerging arena. Instead of depending on traditional infrastructure in which the compute and other IT components are discrete and intended to serve the particular role, we build data centers which are totally Software Defined by integrating multiple technologies spanned across the compute storage and network infrastructure by tightly bundling all these together to manage as a single system. The leverage of this approach is reduced TCO and faster ROI for the enterprises with highest possible scalability and reliability. Complemented with cloud solutions to the scenario, we can ensure reduced CAPEX while achieving supreme IT performance to cater the business requirements.

Web scale IT Solutions

With vast experience in understanding and catering IT requirements for the region, our Consultants design and offer web scale architecture solutions. This is the new generation IT platform which allows enterprises to build highly scalable global class of architecture which enables them achieve extreme level of agility and expandability.

Our team of architects can ensure a web scale model which fits your organization by design, build and manage data center at any scale by packaging a number of different proven technologies.

Few Major attributes of Web scale Architecture are:

  • Integrated Compute and Storage
  • Distributed Everything
  • API driven Automation, Analysis and Orchestration
  • Reduced expenditures on networking hardware/software